Sunday, 2 September 2012

Galway Girls

Back in July, I went to Galway city for a weekend break with two of my friends.

We were doing some homework for one of the girls, who was organising her sister's hen party (bachelorette?) in Galway.  She had a list of restaurants that she wanted to try out, a list of pubs that were meant to be good, and a couple of nightclubs that we had to investigate.  Tough work, but someone has to do it, and we sacrificed ourselves for a weekend.

So the three of us ate and drank ourselves around Galway that weekend.  Although, in the spirit of total honesty, we did a lot more eating than drinking!  Of the three of us, we're not that heavy drinkers, or partiers.  We're happier in nice pubs, where we can have good chats, and a bit of dance, rather than dancing the night away in some random nightclub.  

We also did some sight seeing. We went to an aquarium, played mini-golf, went on a boat trip and went on some fairground rides (or as we call them in Ireland - we went on the merries). 

Here's a few pictures from that weekend: 

Salthill, just outside of Galway City:
 Yummy Ice-Cream cone:
 The merries :)


 Me trying my hand on a bull!
 We found Nemo :)

 And fed some fish:
 The boat trip up the River Corrib:

 Irish Coffees:

 And Cocktails:


  1. So fun! Looks like a great time! I have tried riding a bull yet. I'm afraid, lol.

    Happy Sunday!!

  2. Looks like a fabulous time! I wish my friends needed to scout out bachelorette parties!


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